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You regularly update your phone, your computer, your cars, and all manner of electronic devices. So, why haven't you updated your marketing plan?

The evolution of electronics has opened new ways to market your message over a variety of channels. The good news: There is still time to get ahead of the curve. Now is the time to launch a cross media marketing campaign with PDQ XMedia.

PDQ XMedia will allow organizations to integrate variable data mail campaigns with personalized URLs, emails, tweets, SMS text messages, and QR codes

PDQ Cross Media Marketing makes the pieces fit

What is Cross Media Marketing?

Cross media marketing is a multi-touch, multi-channel approach to delivering your marketing message.
In other words, you'll be addressing your individual contacts using a variety of methods. These channels of touch include:

  • Direct Mail
  • SMS (text messages)
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • PURLs
  • QR Codes

Better yet, in these messages you'll be addressing your customers or prospects by name. Better still, these touches can be fully automated based on a calendar schedule or based upon the behavior of your contacts.

Research conducted by Jupiter Research has found that each of us are bombarded with 2,904 marketing messages every day. We may remember up to 52 of them, but four of them we will positively remember. How are your messages standing out?

"Multi-channel integration, analytics, and data gathering capabilities ultimately drive more targeted, cost-efficient marketing programs."
~Jupiter Research

Cross Media Marketing Flowchart

With PDQ XMedia, you get an easy, all in one, totally complete package for your cross media marketing campaign.

What Are PURLs?

PURLs are personalized URLs tailored specifically to each individual contact. These personalized sites can be used to collect personal data (and as a marketing professional, you know how invaluable client profiles are!), make surveys, opt in or out of messages, enter sweepstakes, and much more. Additionally, PURLs allow for real time hot leads to be sent to your sales team.

Personalized URL Flowchart

How Do I Track It?

With PDQ XMedia, tracking the performance of your campaign in real time is just a click away. Live dashboards are available to you allowing for real-time monitoring and adjustment to your marketing campaigns.

Once your contacts have submitted personal information via their own personal URL, that hot lead gets automatically and immediately sent to your sales reps.

What does this mean for my ROMI?

Of course, all of this is to provide you with a better return on marketing investment (ROMI). Studies done by Tech Aisle show a clear trend leading to market transformation. This trend is moving away from the "silo" approach to marketing and moving toward engagement and experiences.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, well executed Cross Media Marketing campaigns generate a sales lift of 7-34% versus traditional marketing approaches.

As for variable data, PODi found that companies that utilize relevant graphics and text can see a 2-5X lift in response rates.

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